Income Expenses Manager

Web Application to Manage Personal and Official Income and Expenses

Income Expenses Manager
Brief Description:

This is a web application to manage income and expenses. User can make some groups according to their income and expenses like income / expenses of personal, official, bank, property etc. User can select one of these groups while adding a new income or expense. User can also set the transaction date and add related amount on add / update pages of income and expenses modules.

This application works on logged in users role basis. Administrator can manage stafts / team members / employees under Users module. He can invite users by entering their email id comma separated on “Invite People” page. System sends an invitation email to those invited users and they click on email link register on website. Admin checks their profile information and activate their accounts. Admin can export staff profile information in excel and pdf file format and also can print them by using Print option. 

Settings modules has 4 sub-modules which are as:

  • General: This section is used to manage website title, manage application theme, change logo and favicon icon images. 
  • Email: SMTP email sending credentials can be managed by this section.
  • Permission: Admin can manage user types and can grant permission to access application modules as per staffs / team members / employees role. 
  • Templates: This module is used to manage email template / contents for sending forgot password and new users invitation emails.
Type: Web Applications
Completion Date: August 2018
Client Name: Mr. Satyam Tyagi
Used Technologies & Tools:
CodeIgniter Mysql HTML5 Bootstrap CSS3 Jquery Ajax Adobe Photoshop

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