An online platform to search & download free graphic resources

Brief Description:

This project’s client has a graphics company. His team create designs in many formats eg. CDR, EPS, PSD, AI etc. His customers request 2-3 versions of every design / graphic. Customer selects one of 2-3 designs as final output then 2 versions are wastage. Client discussed his problem about extra created graphics with us. We suggested a solution to upload all the extra designs on own website then other customers will come on your website and download them. This may be possible that some users become your real customers which will not only increase your business but also increase no of customers and sales. He ordered us to create an online platform and we developed it which is 13Draw.

There are 2 type of users in this application. 

  • Customer (Website User): Who searches and download the designed graphics
  • Administrator: Who manages design categories, designs, users, testimonials, enquiry emails.

Customer Account: 

  • User Account: User can be registered by filling registration form. In case of form registration, user can login into system after verifying email id. Forgot password feature on login page is used when user forgets account password and wants to reset it. Update profile page is used to update profile information while Change password page serves a facility to reset password after login.
  • Search & List Of Designs/Graphics Resources: Home screen shows graphics resources in 2 groups - Features Resources and Latest Resources. Featured resources are best selected designs, set by administrator from backend. While Latest Resources block shows all the latest / new graphics designs. User can search any design / graphic by name, keyword, description, category / group name.  
  • Add to Favorite: User can make favorite to any design by clicking on heart icon which is available at top right position of every design / graphic on landing page and search result page. User can make favorite to any design on design detail page also.
  • Design Detail: Full detail of a particular design is displayed on design detail screen which shows design information eg. design / graphic title, type (CDR, PSD, AI, EPS etc.), share design on social media websites, download button to download design on computer. User can also post some comments about design and also can view no of likes, views and download on this page.
  • Download and Upload: System allows to download 3 designs / graphic resources now. S/he will have to upload at least 1 design on this platform to download more design files.
  • Blog: User can read blog articles under this section and also can post comment on any blog after login in account.

Administrator Account (Back End Panel): 

  • Dashboard: It displays all the statistics of website in text and graphical formats. 
  • Design Categories: Admin can manage (add / update / delete / list / search) design categories by this section.
  • Designs: Admin can manage (add / update / delete / list / search) designs / graphic resources by this section. Administrator checks all uploaded designs by website users, approve them to available them on website. 
  • Users: Registered users information can be managed here. Admin can block any customer from this section also.
  • Testimonials: Admin can manage (add / update / delete / list / search) received testimonials of customers here.
  • Blog: Blog contents are managed by this section.
  • CMS Pages: Admin can manage about us, privacy policy and terms & conditions pages contents here.
  • Email Templates: This section allows admin to modify email template contents which is used to send email from system to customers at the time of registration, forgot password etc. 
  • Contact Us Enquiries: When a user fills contact us form on website then system sends an email to administrator for the same. In case of if system is not able to deliver that email to administrator, administrator can see enquiry emails in admin panel also and can reply them.
Type: Websites
Completion Date: December 2018
Client Name: Rishi Kumar
Used Technologies & Tools:
Laravel Mysql Trello HTML5 Bootstrap CSS3 Jquery Ajax Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator

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